Carolyn Castleberry - Women, Get Answers About Your Money

Women, Get Answers About Your Money by Carolyn Castleberry

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Genre: Women
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Product Format: Book
ISBN: 1590527992
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 272
Cat. Code: 9781590527993
Release Date: 01 Apr 2007

Success Is Just Around Every Question Mark. Finally, the friendly comprehensive reference tool every woman is looking for has arrived. Find answers to all of your personal finance questions, from the simple (What's a good credit score?) to the complex (What are my options in retirement planning?). This book's question and answer format means you don't have to waste time reading every word cover to cover. Biblical references offer proven wisdom from God, and Carolyn Castleberry's practical guidance is easy to implement. Success is simply turning obstacles into opportunities. And that begins with obtaining information that, thanks to this book, is clear, easy to find, and non-intimidating. "A goldmine of valuable information! A no-nonsense approach to the fundamentals of sound financial planning." Doreen Roadman Financial advisor, JJSA Advisors, Ltd., Virginia Beach , Virginia [Starburst somewhere on the page]:FREE monthly newsletter. Details inside! [Body of back cover copy]: Carolyn Castleberry, quickly becoming one of America's most trusted names in Christian broadcasting, provides you the answers you seek in every area of personal finance. With her warm, conversational style, Carolyn's there are no dumb questions¯ approach makes difficult concepts come alive ¦ and more importantly make sense (so that you can make the most of your dollars). Honest, straightforward, and easy for anyone to apply, these answers stem from a biblically and financially sound foundation providing the perfect conditions for success. Whether you are looking for freedom to make new career choices, seeking financial security and peace of mind, or you're on the lookout for the next solid investment, Women, Get Answers About Your Money harnesses timely, unique information to empower your life. Inside, find comprehensive answers on topics including: [Designer, set this list in two columns]: Setting Wise Goals Effective Budgeting Escaping Debt Buying or Selling a Home Refinancing a Home Wise Use of Credit Creating Your Own Business Stock Market Investment Real Estate Investment Protecting Your Marketable Ideas Wise Estate Planning Securing Retirement [Designer, these are the ENDORSEMENTS]: This book is a great resource to get you started on a new path of opportunity. Tom Antion Author, The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Small Business Firmly grounded in faith, this excellent financial guide shows how to build your house on stone. Carolyn has written a comprehensive yet easy-to-read book. I wish I had this years ago. Elizabeth Arnold Author, Creating the Good Will and founder of Sowing Seeds Story Behind the Book It was the summer of 1995, just months after our first daughter was born. I sat in a well-known financial expert's office because my husband and I desperately needed financial guidance. At the time, I worked as a reporter for an NBC affiliated station and asking questions was part of my job. It's funny that it didn't bother me to ask them on TV, but sitting in this expert's office, I suddenly froze. He claimed this investing stuff was really complicated and he'd take care of our savings. Over the next few months, we watched thousands of dollars disappear in a series of trades and commissions (making him richer) and margin calls (making us poorer). So much for the expert! After that, I realized that there are no dumb questions about money. Being humble enough to admit that you don't know everything is the beginning of wealth.¯Carolyn Castleberry

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