Rev Tina Redden - Who Do You Seek Audio Samples Available

Who Do You Seek by Rev Tina Redden

Cross Rhythms Rating: 7/10
CD: Album
Tags: Gospel, CD, Album, Independent
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A set of gospel cuts with the vibe of the golden age.

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  1. 1. If I Had A Chance
  2. 2. If I Had A Chance (Musical)
  3. 3. Who Do You Seek
  4. 4. Start Anew
  5. 5. Face To Face
  6. 6. Face To Face (Musical)
  7. 7. Like Jesus (Real Love)
  8. 8. Psalm 34-8
  9. 9. His Voice (Multicultural Devotion)
  10. 10. The Lord Is Good
  11. 11. The Oldest One
  12. 12. The Oldest One (Musical)
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Reviewed by Trevor Kirk

After a cursory glance at the sleeve of this one, and having read the covering letter (Tina's spell checker looked like it was on strike, but I quibble), I went to her Artist Profile on the CR website to check out the two previous reviews, by those two worthies Mike Rimmer and Phil Thomson. Now I have to admit that my outlook when it comes to album reviews is coloured by my usual workaday mindset as a radio station music manager, but this album forced me to set this attitude aside and listen with a new pair of ears. No doubt about it, this lady has soul in abundance; there's more than a hint of old time gospel in the mix as well, not surprising when she mentions Mahalia Jackson, Mavis Staples and Dorothy Love Coates as some of her fave singers. Add a kingsize dollop of sheer unadulterated passion, and this is some listening experience. Given all this, it's not difficult to ignore lo-fi production and one-dimensional instrumentation, and it's also not difficult to hear exactly what Mike and Phil raved about in their reviews. It'll never make the UCB playlist. But another collection of good, old time gospel.

Style: Gospel
Cross Rhythms Product Code: 23889
Product Format: CD
Content Type: Album
Cat. Code: Independent
Items: 1
Release Date: 2006

A set of gospel cuts with the vibe of the golden age.

Rev Tina Redden - My Wonderful GodRev Tina Redden - My Wonderful God
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An album of self-penned, self-produced hard-hitting tracks from one of gospel's enduring voices.

Rev Tina Redden - The Holy TrinityRev Tina Redden - The Holy Trinity
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Tina's first CD after suffering a small stroke, it contains two discs - one live concert recording and another disc of 12 tracks.

For more information about Rev Tina Redden, check the Rev Tina Redden Artist Profile on the main Cross Rhythms website for news stories, feature articles, interviews and much more. (Link opens in new window)
Posted by Elenora Hoga in Indiana at 16:45 on Jun 8 2007

Were not listening to revs spell Checker nor does her pic on the cover change the sound. This woman can sing and that is it.

Posted by James L Frances in USA at 16:51 on Jun 8 2007

" IN SPADES " Mr Trever? Regardless of colorful or off color discriptions. Rev Tina is a tremendous force in todays music. Her songs are well written and played. And no doubt well sung. Your comments show you didnt want to review so the singer suffered for it. Would this have happened perhaps if she was not an indie. but rather a well famed artist. IN SPADES Mr Trevor poor choice of words.

Posted by frank ann arron in US at 17:08 on Jun 8 2007

Well, the UCB doesnt matter over here in the United States. By the way Trevor Kirk are you a spokesman for the UCB? As i see right here Tina Redden is in Apple Itunes and Sony, so i highly doubt she care about not being in UCB considering the fact that Sony alone is bigger. How do i know? when our campus station reviewed her on the radio. Stick to being a manger and not a reviewer

Posted by z. lotte in anywhere at 18:10 on Jun 8 2007

im sure the spade thing ment double triple or a higher amount
than norman but it means different things in different areas.
Shes a cool artist and performer as well as musician and
pastor. really dedicated to the Lord blessed to be talented.

Posted by Bernard Sobecki in God's World at 06:27 on Jun 9 2007

Rev Redden is a true to heart Gospel Singer. No matter what radio list she is played on or not played on. This woman sings Gods words and His words will not come back void. No one cares about the UCB playlist nor any other as long as she is on Gods play list. The Reviewer said Rev Tina need a spellChecker. Well sir you need a dictionary much worst; have you seen what the word :Spade" means in Webster American Heritage . Your a proffessional reviewer of music not a grammer nor english teacher You just needed a nasty comment to make. We have one Simon Cowell here we dont need another. A little to far this time sir.

Posted by Sobecki in His World at 06:33 on Jun 9 2007

Your comment was way out of line i am wondering if you really realize what you said or are you just trying to hurt people. Come on This is a Christian Station or so i thought.

Posted by Tony Cummings, Music Editor in United Kingdom at 12:00 on Jun 11 2007

Our apologies for printing the original version of this review which contained a misleading statement and the wrong choice of word. As you can see, these errors have now been corrected. There was obviously no intention to cause any offence.
Tony Cummings
Cross Rhythms Music Editor

Posted by Rebecca A Timberlake in lafayette at 17:13 on Jun 12 2007

this lady is awesome annointed by God. Good CD

COVER LETTER ? I dont get it.

Posted by Robert J. Riggs in arkansas at 04:41 on Jul 8 2007

Love this voice. The songs are scriptures.

Posted by samaths k in usa at 03:19 on Jul 10 2007

she sang who do you seek and real love like Jesus at our church program It sounded so good. shes a good singer and preacher. Anyway who cares about a spell checker ? her voice was soooo powerful and different . she didnt need a mic but use it anyway. she sort of puts it out there with a blessed umph to it. Real good. the songs are annointed.

Posted by Rev. Albert Cole in Alabama USA at 16:08 on Jul 16 2007

This woman can sing!
Trevor Kirk you could mention a type O !

But you failed to mention this woman plays 14 instruments, ever lick of music on her CD she played.

You failed to mention that she also wrote (By the Grace of God) all the songs on this CD too.

These are the things you should have reviewed .

Lets learn to give credit where it is due, and it is in this case. I listened to this CD this morning, Its better than what your statement leads people. Lets not sabotage others efforts Let us do good to all but especially those of the household of faith. This CD is much better than you suggest in your scoring.

I felt very much compelled by God to write you. Lets be fair This woman has a well written CD and Dynamic Vocals and music. It is not one dimentional at all.

Posted by R.SNEED in CALIFORNIA at 19:06 on Aug 2 2007


Posted by papa in altoona at 19:18 on Aug 20 2007

Yall need to see this woman and her band in live concert to see this woman llive is unbelievable. from the charismatic dress to the unbelievable powerful skillful voice this was a concert of epic ability. I was impressed. to hear the record is one thing but to actually see her live that was something to always be remembered. Her band Blud Bros are killers and the rapper "hursa" mp3 productions was great.

Posted by phillip landue in us at 10:58 on Aug 21 2007

If you havent heard this woman live you have not heard a real Gospel singer. Lord have mercy I read Phil Thompson review and he said "Let the Pastor Perform" He's obviously heard her live. Lord have Mercy the Holy Ghost rocked the house Saturday it was only God had to be........ YES DO LET THE PASTOR PERFORM!!!! I cannot wait for the dvd.

Posted by Al A Wann at 21:33 on Sep 21 2007

God is to be praised, He has anointed this woman and her lifting Him up He draws a DIVERSE people in at the concerts and shows. The songs are BIBLE!!!!

I love this record and many others of hers but God is using this rev and you can hear it and see it in the way many are drawn together to worship God and God is always first on the concert agenda. I love this.

God given singing And God Jesus Holy Ghost is to be Praised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mother Wright at 14:44 on Oct 7 2007

Rev was at our church Gospel Fest, love Her singing. We were all blessed. Love how she says "sho nuff" all the time. The stroke did not slow her at all. She sung this album and quite a few off the other ones to. Good, old fashioned, down to the nitty gritty singng. We Love you Blessed are the feet that carry the Gospel. Keep carrying it sister. Stay in Good Health

Posted by Jim Frances in Indiana at 17:24 on Oct 10 2007

Whaaaaaaaaat!?!?!?!?!?!? She was in Calumet last week no mention of a stroke then. I was there!


Posted by Minister Tammy Nofal in USA {til spring break} at 14:35 on Mar 14 2008

TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!! A gentleman was telling me how he was given THIS CD by a minister in his home town. he listened to the song "if I had a chance". Then he thought to himself
"GOD IS GIVING ME A CHANCE NOW, THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT" He gave his heart to the Lord and has been walking with the Lord for a year now. He passed the CD on to a couple of roommates,
He then happen to run into REV TINA REDDEN at a Catholic Church Facility [had to be God allowed the meeting her bio says she's pentacostal] he told her and she asked him for HIS autograph to encourage her whenever she see his name hanging in the studio. TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT. SPREADING THE WORD OF GOD, GETTING CHRIST INTO SOMEONES HEART, MIND SOUL.

Posted by randalldunn in us at 02:12 on Sep 13 2008

good vocals rev can sing swoop hollar bring it back to your heart with the best singers of all time. Listen for your self

randalldunn's rating: 10/10

Posted by Bro Jim at 12:56 on Nov 6 2008

good sound good singing as always love you pastor
God is with you always he got your back

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