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The Holy Trinity by Rev Tina Redden

Cross Rhythms Rating: 6/10
CD: Album
Tags: CD, Gospel, Album, Independent
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Tina's first CD after suffering a small stroke, it contains two discs - one live concert recording and another disc of 12 tracks.

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  1. 1. Preious Garment [What You Gonna Do With It)
  2. 2. Never Walk Alone
  3. 3. God Is Real
  4. 4. I Hear The Wind Blow (He's Talking To Me)
  5. 5. Two Days Ago
  6. 6. Like Heaven's Gonna Be
  7. 7. For Me To See
  8. 8. Love Made Him Do That (I Gotta Do That)
  9. 9. He's Building Me A Mansion
  10. 10. Holy Ghost
  11. 11. My Friend
  12. 12. It's A Matter Of Trust
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Reviewed by Paul Poulton

This is Tina's first album after suffering a small stroke. If CDs were reviewed on feel alone this one would be top marks, but it's the reviewer's job to take a balanced all-round view, isn't it? I'm immediately entranced by the grooves Tina cooks up, her rasping voice exudes grit, determination and sincerity, it's a compelling cocktail that would intoxicate any discerning devotee of gospel, blues and any form of music that likes to loop riffs. Think a piano-based Kings Of Leon with Gladys Knight on vocals and you'll at least be in the right ball park. So far so good. Now I hope Tina's many fans don't say nasty things about me but what separates this recording from being a killer album and an also ran is the tech department. The mix is pitiful. The vocals sit too high, rather than being a pearl resting neatly in their shell they bludgeon out of their space in the aural spectrum sometimes swamping what are excellent instrumental parts in other parts of the register. There are some basic errors, the bottom end isn't balanced neither is the top. I know lo-fi can be fashionable but taken as a unit the fidelity is left wanting low or high, being weighted too heavily in the middle ground like a man with a beer-belly. There are two CDs in this release, 12 songs on one and a live recording on the other. The live recording sounds like a single mic in the room where the gig took place, a good concert but so much ambience swimming around that it takes some concentration to follow. The Church has been blessed by Tina's talent and it would behove the Christian music community to get Tina into the right studio with some good technicians around her including a quality mixing engineer because the result may be a recording that rocks the world.

Style: Gospel
Cross Rhythms Product Code: 44535
Product Format: CD
Content Type: Album
Cat. Code: Independent
Items: 2
Extras: DVD
Release Date: 2007

Tina's first CD after suffering a small stroke, it contains two discs - one live concert recording and another disc of 12 tracks.

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Posted by Emma Tem Chur in United States of America at 06:02 on Feb 12 2008

The voice is unmatched, the songs are about the Lord
Precious Garment is a sermon in itself. we play this album in our church and in California also. Again This womans voice is outstanding and unmatched. the dept and old school moaning hollering. the best and again unmatched.

Posted by robbie riggs in indidna at 15:27 on Feb 12 2008

thsi is a good album, lots of good songs on it. precious garment, granny paradise, two days, the walking along song. Im still in love


Posted by hogan in us at 23:13 on Feb 14 2008

This womans voice is truly amazing.

Posted by Mother Cole in usa at 06:39 on Mar 2 2008

precious garment, love made him do that, like heavens gonna be, i hear the wind blow, are all sermons in themselves. yes i own this one!!!!!

the voice is a gift from God above. the rev is rare and i'm delighted to see that gift being used in the service of God [resonable service]. right where it should be. great album/cd/record wonderful music played by rev herself. a talent only from the Lord, His grace MUST be acknowledged FIRST.

Posted by Minister Tammy Nofal in USA [until spring break] at 14:19 on Mar 14 2008

This woman CAN sing, and she sings GOOD
But take the time out to listen to the words in every song. Its about God it is BIBLE set to a beautiful tune accompanied by an unsurpassed voice.
The songs are messages and sermons, this is rare and we need to recognize what a gift God has given us in REv Tina a rare gift today. A joy to listen to cause you learn with every song. Keep up the good work rev. Some of us out here has ears to hear with and we hear the word in your songs.

Posted by randall d at 23:31 on Jul 6 2008

outstanding CD precious garment true words spoken to those that carry the cloth. you go preacher

Posted by Mrs Susan Meeks in Greenville Miss at 19:19 on Jul 13 2008

By far the best singer/songwriter of today

Posted by lonnie in library at 23:40 on Jul 17 2008

love it

Posted by Rev Albert R Cole in INd at 17:55 on Sep 10 2008

The review made me buy the cd today, I couldnt help notice the reviewer never refered to her as Rev Tina only Tina [you take it from there]. Rev Tina sung her head off as ususal. Thesongs was well written, spiritual messaged. It sounded real good to me, I didnt notice a high of low end. im not a reviewer, just a customer an fan, i really didnt hear nothing wrong with it, If you put Gladys Knight Sam Cooke or Rev Tina in a hay field, with wind blowing, a cow lowing, and no mic they still gonna sound good. people in bars aint got a high and low end and it still sounds good. Churches dont have high end low end you still know when something sound good. to much tech talk, Or was this your way of prompting people to go out and buy,

Posted by Mr Mrs Hogan in Ind pub Library at 20:09 on Sep 10 2008

that live part is on youtube. you CAN understand what she was saying. I was in the church that night
in the back. Im the one she was waving at. I attend many of her concerts so she waves at me all the time. So is some of the non live Cd on the television shows on you tube. it sounds good. Your right The church was blessed God sent her to us that night small town, small church, big in the Lord. people preparing for this year but she didnt come. I pray next year she will good Cd a very good Cd

Posted by hogan in us at 03:11 on Sep 11 2008

theres nothing Pityful about this Cd I got this one too and it sounds good. Its a good cd the woman can sing and theres no denying that. Her voice is outstanding she plays her instruments good and the recording is good on it to. you can hear it; its not enhanced. its raw talent.
God is to be praised

Posted by paul pryor in at home at 17:30 on Sep 11 2008

i really love rev tina redden music. its move me. its give me lots of joy, when im down. i injoy the words thats she is saying in her songs. i think god for her, how she let the lord used her.;

Posted by Jan Murray in The Bible Store at 22:32 on Sep 11 2008

I want to make this very clear, the CD The Holy Trinity was an excellent CD, one that I would encourage people to buy and try it yourself or just listen to it hear on line. I don't under stand all the stuff you were saying. All I know is I truly enjoyed the CD. Rev. Redden Is a seasoned singer and it is very clear that she is when you hear her sing, I was there when she did the concert and there were many micro-phones on the stage.

Posted by Samatha Kasmericheck in La Porte Ind at 00:32 on Sep 12 2008

I dont get the high end low end stuff but this is a good Cd listen to the samples. what do a beer belly man have to do with the rev's Cd? That live song was mic really well it was way more than one look on youtube you'll see so that parts not true. Im not connecting with the review i dont understand what the low high stuff is but hey It SOUNDS GOOD WORLD. LISTEN FOR YOUR SELF.

Posted by Randall dunn in US at 02:09 on Sep 13 2008

extremely good singing, music, and mix this woman is anointed and under Gods direction. The songs are about the Lord. like the other Customer reviews say

Randall dunn's rating: 10/10

Posted by Mrs Melenie Means in USA at 22:23 on Oct 7 2008

THIS IS A VERY GOOD CD. [LIKE HER OTHERS]. You have to appreciate the word of God to truly understand how much of a musical genius this woman truly is. She takes life experience that connects with the Word of God and fashions them perfectly. Sings them to perfection and we get a sermon in a song. This is a Gift from God, not many other artist has, or can do this. The reviewer leaned toward the tech side of the work, but listen to the message and she is very enjoyable to listen to also. Her voice is unmatched, Gladys Knight was not a bad example. But not quite on it she outshines mrs Knight and Its no question this woman is something to contend with where it comes to singing, writing and playing the word of God cause thats what her songs are the Word of God. Keep up the good work Rev. Redden, and stay well.

Posted by Mrs Thelma Wright in America at 21:29 on Nov 2 2008

I love to hear this woman sing, this Reverend is the best annointed singer i heard in a long time. she do that patti label, tina turner, mavis staple, gladys knight type singing only its to the glory Of God, Thank The Lord. Stick with God Rev, do be pursuaded to sing any other type we need good sounding Gospel singers these days that sing about the Lord and what hes done. Its all about God and its not all praise and worship comtemporary singing, cant understand what the choirs is even holloring about nowdays, I understand what Rev Tina is singing about, it comes when I need to hear it.

Posted by Copner Family in Indiana at 06:21 on Jan 24 2009

Real Good CD
To The Reviewer:
Don't you sort of think her music IS ALREADY "rocking the world" she's an indie artist and your writing about her way over there in the United Kingdom. Praise our Lord God.

Posted by rob in anywhere at 16:47 on May 10 2009

this is a real good CD butwhere is the good Rev at I read an article that a new cd was coming out but it hasnt Yet.

Posted by S. Radcliff at 21:28 on Jan 18 2010

A voice sent by God

Posted by Richard M Radcliff in private at 22:01 on May 8 2010

Rev. Tina Redden is from a vanishing breed. She is a true singer of the Gospel and one of the rare ones that can actually sing. Nothing watered down, no voice enhancers, no hype. A real singer, songwriter, musician. Her voice is in an elite category. I think Singers such as Kirk franklin, Shirley Ceasar, Rev Al Green Miss Yolanda Adams all need to take note. An indie artist eye to eye with the none indies. What a Blessing.

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