Delirious? - The Cutting Edge Years:  20th Anniversary Edition British Product Audio Samples Available

The Cutting Edge Years: 20th Anniversary Edition by Delirious?

Cross Rhythms Rating: 9/10
CD: Album
Tags: Worship, CD, Rock, Album, Top Rated
20th Anniversary repackaging of early material, together with bonus DVD.

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  1. 1. Message Of The Cross
  2. 2. Singers Song
  3. 3. Lord You Have My Heart
  4. 4. What Is This Thing Called Love-
  5. 5. The Crucible For Silver
  6. 6. Thank You For Saving Me
  7. 7. The Happy Song
  8. 8. Prophet Song
  9. 9. King Of Love
  10. 10. Coming Back
  11. 11. Lead Me
  12. 12. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
  13. 13. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
  14. 14. I've Found Jesus
  15. 15. Oh Lead Me
  16. 16. Shaken Up
  17. 17. I'm Not Ashamed
  18. 18. Find Me In The River
  19. 19. Louder Than The Radio (Cutting Edge Album Version)
  20. 20. You Split The Earth (Cutting Edge Album Version)
  21. 21. When All Around Has Fallen (Cutting Edge Album Version)
  22. 22. I've Searched For Gold
  23. 23. Shout To The North
  24. 24. All I Want
  25. 25. Obsession
  26. 26. Spontaneous (Part 1)
  27. 27. I'm Not Ashamed
  28. 28. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
  29. 29. Spontaneous (Part 2)
  30. 30. Oh Lead Me
  31. 31. Obsession
  32. 32. Spontaneous (Part 3)
  33. 33. Spontaneous (Part 4)
  34. 34. Come Like You Promise
  35. 35. Spontanous (Part 5)
  36. 36. Spontaneous (Part 6)
  37. 37. All I Want
  38. 38. Spontaneous (Part 7)
  39. 39. I've Found Jesus
  40. 40. Spontaneous (Part 8)
  41. 41. Lord's Prayer
  42. 42. Spontaneous (Part 9)
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Reviewed by Paul S Ganney

As someone who had no idea who Delirious? were until they sold out a venue in Hull I'd previously only ever seen half-full, I was late to the party. It's therefore very interesting to hear all the early stuff (ie, before 'King Of Fools'). The very early sound is in secure Hothouse Flowers territory (although Martin Smith's vocal already has a Bono-esque edge). The bit that never changed was the lyrical theme: Delirious? thoroughly intended to sing God's praises forever. It contains songs that are now staples of any praise and worship group: "Lord You Have My Heart", "Shout To The North" and "What A Friend I've Found" to name but three, of which only the latter made it onto 'King Of Fools'. This material was the original viral stuff: originally only released on cassette tapes and never officially published/distributed, the songs still made their way around the world. I guess the sound reflects where they came from: a youth praise band, it's a product of its time. The songs, however, show exactly why Delirious? became bigger than the country they grew up in, much like U2, whose sound they later came more to resemble (this is probably most in evidence on CD3 - 'Live And In The Can'). As the CDs progress you can start to imagine whole stadia jumping up and down in unison ("Coming Back", for example) and hear the transition into the sound that most people would recognise as theirs, with the high-tempo stuff interspersed with very soft reflective numbers. The change between CD1 and CD2 is very marked, as the band clearly found their sound - if it wasn't for Smith's vocals you might think they were different bands. The bonus DVD is a valuable addition, containing footage from a Hammersmith Apollo gig, a live song from Abbey Road and a "story of" documentary. All in all, a valuable sift of the archives both for new fans and d:boy completists.

Style: Rock
Cross Rhythms Product Code: 124171
Product Format: CD
Content Type: Album
Cat. Code: Kingsway KWCD3300
Items: 3 CDs
Extras: 1 DVD
Release Date: 24 Apr 2012

20th Anniversary repackaging of early material, together with bonus DVD.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Cutting Edge, this influential new box set from Delirious 'The Cutting Edge Years - 20th Anniversary Edition' travels back in time to pull together every track released by Delirious in the days known as the Cutting Edge Band.

Fans and newbies alike can enjoy the full range of songs taken from Cutting Edge 1 and 2 which was voted as the most influential worship album in the past 20 years by Worship Leader Magazine this month (Jan 2012) as well as Three, Four and the massively influential Live And In The Can album. All this, plus a unique DVD featuring eight Cutting Edge songs performed by the band at their farewell concert.

"These past 20 years have been inspiring times for all, especially the band. 'Cutting Edge was a unique time in our lives and these songs were the soundtrack to a movement that hungered after God in a new way. A movement that sang in the streets and saw the mountains tremble."

Martin Smith
Special edition for fans that includes 3 CDs and 1 DVD featuring all the favourites of Delirious? from the last 20 years.

A great gift for collectors and new fans alike.

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16 recordings from the pioneering modern worship band.

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Eighth studio album from the UK's most popular Christian rock band.

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