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Secret Things by Karen Money

Cross Rhythms Rating: 7/10
CD: Album
Tags: Ambient/Meditational, Album, Music/chord book, CD, Independent
Singer/pianist Karen's debut featuring wistful meditative music.

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  1. 1. Golden Day
  2. 2. Echo
  3. 3. Darling Hold On
  4. 4. Surrender
  5. 5. Fallen Into You
  6. 6. Stranger
  7. 7. Sanctuary
  8. 8. Going Home
  9. 9. Sleeping Beauty
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Reviewed by Tony Cummings

Karen has a small, sweet voice - small but perfectly formed - and her renditions here of nine of her own wistfully, tremulous songs create a meditative mood. With her excellent, expressive piano and co-producer Mike Giddins providing creative and varied accompaniments the effect of worshipful introspection is maintained throughout. If you're looking for wistful, meditative music Nottingham-based Karen has created a delightfully delicate offering to sooth the soul.

Style: Ambient/Meditational
Cross Rhythms Product Code: 13606
Product Format: CD
Content Type: Album
Cat. Code: Independent
Items: 1
Release Date: 2005

Singer/pianist Karen's debut featuring wistful meditative music.

Posted by kristina in wales at 16:27 on Sep 22 2005

a fantastic album!

Posted by Malcolm in Berks at 00:25 on Sep 26 2005

The most professional and meaningful christian cd I have ever heard.Tears will flow !

Posted by sue kirby in berkshire at 15:36 on Sep 29 2005

excellent music that searches the soul and allows you to acknowledge the true self. All of the tracks acknowledge the nearness of the father, yet it is 'safe' to give to non christians. The music is a compelling listen, i am extremely challenged by the tracks, especially track 4, it brings the meaning of surrender home.
Best thing i have listened to in ages.

Posted by Martin in Nottingham at 21:21 on May 10 2006

Yes - this will blow you away....
Karen gave me a copy of this cd to listen to, and it ministered long and deep. Excellent stuff too - very original.
The best cd I have heard in ages....

Posted by evie in the west at 19:40 on Dec 5 2006

Karen money, such an amazing voice, and amazing songs, brilliant, just brilliant, indeed, i hope to meet you one day...

Posted by Grahame Leeson in South Africa at 07:54 on Nov 12 2008

Hi Karen,
These are amazing tracks, I have searched in SA for your CD but am unable to find it anywhere. Please can you point me to a shop where I could purchase it?
Thanks for the wonderful music
God Bless

Posted by Sabrina in Baton Rouge, LA at 02:53 on Apr 20 2009


I would like to purchase the piano music to "Echo." Is it possible to download? I wish to perform it at my church.

Please let me know. It's a beautiful song.


Posted by sk at 05:46 on Apr 20 2009

I would like to buy the piano music for "Echo." Can anyone direct me to the source?


Posted by Patty in Kansas City at 14:16 on Aug 18 2009

Is there a way to get sheet music or lyrics and chords to the songs on this CD? I want to use it for a women's retreat at my church.

Posted by Walter in Hants at 17:01 on Aug 20 2009

Karen - came across your music via pray as you go - as others have said, it's different from so much in this season, real and unique. Surrender - oh boy, tearing up plan B ! I hope there's more in gestation ... Walter

Posted by Sandi in Milwaukee, WI at 15:58 on Sep 1 2009

I just heard the song "Darling Hold On" and would love to get the lyrics to that. That song hits me at this time in my life.
Thank you.

Posted by R Leung in US at 14:49 on Feb 12 2011


Love your "Echo". First heard it from Pray as you go. How can I download a copy in mp3 format?

Posted by Madeline in California at 19:59 on Mar 20 2011

I love the song "Star"!!! and i would love to be able to get the sheet music. Is there anyway I could get it???

Posted by Edwin in UK at 15:44 on Jun 29 2011

Karen, listened to your music, esp Golden Day through pray-as-you-go site. So moving, thought I should leave this message to congratulate you for the amazing song. Keep up the good work & God bless !

PS: Could you please point me towards where I could buy your CD or download album as MP3 in UK? Cant see Amazon or similar sites selling your tracks.

Posted by Margaret Doyle in Dublin at 09:06 on Aug 17 2011

Karen, I have to say that I don't usually write up comments. I too came to know your music through pray as you go and about 2 years ago downloaded your music from itunes. The song that I come back to regularly is surrender - all I can say is that I feel you have struggled with surrendering and I am so glad that you have written and recorded it, you are a signpost and a light on my human/spiritual journey.
Thank you so much and I hope that you continue to inspire many more people.
Best wishes Margaret

Posted by Blandine in Canada at 04:03 on Sep 3 2011

Thank you very much Karen for you music and songs which helped me to pray. I discovered your music with Pray and you go, and bought the tunes of Secret Things on itunes recently, but I would appreciate to have the script of these songs, because English is not my first language and I can't understand all. Where could I found it?

Posted by Margaret Morton / MM in Australia at 15:24 on Jun 30 2013

Dear Karen,
Thank you so much for your absolutely beautiful music. I discovered your music with Pray and you Go, in particular "Sanctuary". It was what I needed to hear at that particular time..... needless to say I sat in tears listening over and over to this beautiful piece of music. Thank you dear lady, for your gift of such wonderful music received with a grateful heart.
Kindest Regards

Posted by Kate in Minnesota at 19:15 on Apr 14 2014

Love your music. Used Surrender in discernment for significant move with religious life. Am looking for lyrics for "echo." Went tomy spce as indicated in earlier email to Blandina bit can't find the lyrics. Thanks. Kate

Posted by Ana Judith Gutierrez in Port Isabel, Texas at 23:03 on Apr 14 2014

just hear Echo, would like the lyrics for mediating.

Posted by Tiffany in France at 10:16 on Mar 10 2015

Dear Karen, I have been so very blessed by your music, which I discovered on Pray as you Go. Do you have the songs available to sing? i.e. with piano music? We would love to sing them in our family worship times.

Posted by Louanna in Angelo at 04:25 on Apr 24 2015

Heard your music on pray as you go. I am in awe of not only the words but music as well. Sanctuary. And blessings are 2 of my favorites.

Posted by Caroline Tracey in Bolton at 13:45 on Oct 26 2015

Have tried to find the lyrics of your challenging song Fragile - please could you let me have them.

Posted by simonrinda in singapore at 03:34 on Oct 28 2015

Hi Karen
Just want to say that your songs has been such a blessings keep listening and writing..
just brought 2 songs from iTunes, could i have the lyric for Fragile and run away with me.

Posted by Allison in Kamloops, BC, Canada at 20:13 on Dec 4 2015

Dear Karen,

I heard 'Surrender' on the Laudate for the Feast of St. Francis. Your voice is so angelic. I was having a hard time and listening to you sing was like feeling the comforting hand of God on me! Thank you!!!!

I see you do not have the piano sheet music but could I purchase your guitar chords? I am 43 and inspired to learn how to play the piano. I'll ask a family member to transpose the guitar chords to beginner piano notes for me! Again, God bless you!!!


Posted by Patt in Pennsylvania at 22:49 on Jan 12 2016

Hi Karen. When I heard "Echo" on Pray As You Go, it truly echoed through my head all day! I picked up my guitar a couple months ago and would love to try this one, though I have a feeling the chords will be out of my league, lol. Guess that's my way of asking for them, please! :) Blessings, ~p

Posted by Joanna in Malaysia at 08:27 on Jan 13 2016

Dear Karen, I just wanna say what a beautiful, meaningful song of you. When I heard your song thru Pray-as-you-go website it really touched me so much.. What a God-incidence! The day I heard the song - Echo on 7 Jan 2015 remind me of my dying friend who was passed away the next day 8 Jan 2015.... 2 days before he passed away (6 Jan 2015), I went to visit my friend who were on Nebulizer machine.. The next day, I heard the Echo song and the next day, my friend passed away.. The lyrics really strucked me coz it really matched with the last condition of my friend just before he passed away peacefully on 8 Jan 2015. From now on, this song became my daily prayer as it remind of the breath & life that God has given me at the very moment.

Posted by joanna in malaysia at 07:17 on Jan 15 2016

Feel blessed to hear all your beautiful music, lyrics, song of you... Really touched and inspiring my soul..

Posted by Sr. Elizabeth in San Antonio, TX USA at 00:04 on Jan 20 2016

I love "Surrender" --thank you for sharing on Pray As You Go -- I have listened to it many times. At the moment I am trying to find your song "She Carries Me" -- it was used in a sabbatical program I attended and I would like to purchase a copy of it. Would you be able to help me out? Gratefully Sr. Elizabeth

Posted by Rev Annie Ballard in Middle Marches at 20:07 on Aug 6 2016

Hi Karen, I am really enjoying your songs ~ I've downloaded Secret Things from ITunes after hearing, first "Golden Day" and later "Surrender" on the PAYG app, which I am finding so refreshing in their variety of music. I would love the Lyrics and Chords to Golden Day if possible. Thanks. Annie B

Posted by Mike Jorissen in Austin at 13:37 on Feb 13 2017

I love your music. Is there a way to get a CD of the music?

Posted by Agnieszka Gajdus in Slough at 01:34 on Feb 14 2017

Hi Karen

I have just listening your voice on pray as you go today and inspiring by your prayer as that how I seen your music and lyric I have downland your album Secret Things. I love some of your songs and I must admit few years ago I have adopted one of them call Surrender and sung on few occasion in my catholic parish in Slough. I hope you don't mind that.
Am a polish girl who came to England 32 years ago and I have dedicated my voice to glorifies the Lord from my earlier age and am still carry on if am let to sung in church. I love your song Fallen into you and if is possible I would like to learn sing that and playing on the guitar so if you don't mind is the any chance you can send me lyric and guitar chords. Maybe you can also share other lyric and chords with songs which are on that Album I would be so greatfull.
My husband is a Catholic permanent Deacon and some time am let to sung during baptism so would be nice to have one extra hymn in the treasure to sung for Lord.
May God continued to blessing you and growing in His love sending you lots of inspiration words through HOLY SPIRIT to glorify His Name

God Bless you and your family.
In loving Spirit and unity of Lord Jesus

Many thanks

Agnieszka Gajdus
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Posted by Diane in San Juan Capistrano Ca at 03:10 on Apr 9 2018

Hello, the song “Fallen into you” is such a gift. Can it be played on a guitar. If so, could someone share the chords with me. Thank you, Diane Miles

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