Barbara Gante & Nikos Papadogiorgos - Peter's Heart

Peter's Heart by Barbara Gante & Nikos Papadogiorgos

Cross Rhythms Rating: 6/10
CD: Audio Book
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An ambitious concept album with orchestral music penned by Nikos.

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Reviewed by Paul Poulton

There is a tradition of children's music (and movies) that is aimed at children but hopes to rope in the adults too. Harry Nilsson's 'The Point' did a superb job and in some ways set the standard: interesting dialogue coupled with neat songs that groove along, the narration linking one song into the next song with ease and panache. 'Peter's Heart' moves away from 'The Point' by using a traditional orchestral feel. Nikos Papadogiorgos wrote the music and he is influenced by Henry Purcell and Gustav Mahler among others which translates into the lively sounding parts that weave in and out throughout the album. The music is well written and well performed and moves fast from one musical theme to the next. Young Peter in the narrative of the album is performed by Kyle Macris, who does a fine job. He is expecting Jesus to arrive at his house but has a few other visitors first. Including Mr Selfish who scoffs some of the cake that Peter was hoping to give to Jesus. Mr Anger also visits, he's in a mean mood and has plenty to moan about, his motto in life is "Kick and scream, it's okay". As you may have already noticed the writer, Barbara Gante has gone along John Bunyan's route that we find in the classic book, Pilgrims Progress, using anthropomorphic personification for certain vices. It's a good lesson for us all to learn, if we can be aware of the ploys an enemy we have more armoury to resist the enemy. The narrative is not extensive and relies on simplistic parallels that younger children may enjoy but whether they have the patience to sit through it is another matter.

Style: Childrens
Cross Rhythms Product Code: 95877
Product Format: CD
Content Type: Audio Book
Cat. Code: SFC1002
Release Date: 2010

An ambitious concept album with orchestral music penned by Nikos.

ďIím old and tired, let me inĒ, Mr. Selfish said to Peter, who lived in his heartís home deep in the woods. And Peter recklessly opened the door to the stranger! Before long, other mysterious visitors came knocking at the door and soon the situation spun totally out of control. The boy is now trapped in his own home, alone and frightened. What will he do now? Who will he turn to for help?

Posted by M. at 15:30 on Oct 19 2010

I'm glad I came across this CD. The story and the music are equally enjoyable, not only for kids but for adults too. I daresay there are parents who will enjoy them more thoroughly than their kids! because there is some deep stuff here. The story is a mixture of fairytale and fable,all with a contemporary twist, but it's far from being 'light' since it has to do with pretty serious moral issues. It's entertaining, but it also makes one think.

The music is also interesting, suggestive (the kind that creates mental pictures as you listen to it), at times charming and ethereal, other times rather dramatic. To sum up, well worth listening to.

M.'s rating: 9/10

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