Mark Coppenger - Moral Apologetics for Contemporary Christians

Moral Apologetics for Contemporary Christians by Mark Coppenger

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Genre: Christian Teaching
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Product Format: Book
ISBN: 9780805464207
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 288
Publisher: B & H Publishing Group
Cat. Code: 9780805464207
Release Date: 01 Oct 2011

Whether it's a best-selling author who claims "religion poisons everything" or an atheist comedian whose punch lines aren't necessarily hassled by the burden of proof, foes of the faith continue to declare Christianity morally deficient without much resistance. In Moral Apologetics for Contemporary Christians, Mark Coppenger mixes compelling references-from classic philosophers to modern entertainers-to reasonably push back against both harsh critics and less intense cultural relativists, arguing that Christianity is morally superior to its competitors as well as true. Coppenger doesn't avoid uncomfortable realities like the misbehaviour of many Christians and false teachers, but he sets the book's course in defence of his faith with many thoughtful opening statements, including: "It is hard to open a newspaper, walk through a library, or turn on the television without seeing fresh evidence that a Christian approach to life makes people and societies flourish, and that those who turn their backs on genuine Christianity are liable to behave wickedly." The writing is also informed by the evidence that "believers have grown accustomed to... those who wish to defame the Church." Coppenger adds, "I hope to help replenish (our) cultural confidence. We have a great moral story to tell, and it surely points to the Author of Light and Life."

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