Hillsong United - Look To You

Look To You by Hillsong United

Cross Rhythms Rating: 4/10
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Praise and worship from the youth ministry offshoot of the Australian mega-church.

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Reviewed by Ben Lilford

Australia's Hillsong United series of CDs has always done really well at separating the "with it" from the "coffin-dodger". Keeping up with the times, United haven't just put out an audio CD to humiliate you in your decrepit-ness, they've now thrown in a DVD featuring some of the performance. So now you can see people bound around with a youthful energy that you've not had since England last won the world cup. Once you get past the Pepsi Max'd out feel to CD's music and DVD's stage performance though there are legitimate concerns about the songs on 'Look To You' which older Christians should spot almost immediately. They have as much depth in God's word as a stone skimmed across a pond's surface, and for new Christians young or old that's not a good thing to be exposed to. No one wants to be a Matt 13:5-6. Joel Houston's "Salvation Is Here" and the Marty Sampson colab'd "What The World Will Never Take Away" are two good examples of this. Both tracks sound fantastic in terms of melodies and riffs but the gospel seems dumbed down into cliché sound bites, providing little inspiration to read God's word where good worship should always lead you. This is music specifically designed for the youth market but if the songs on 'Look To You' have broken that vital link between worship and word, Australia will ultimately be looking at another lost generation.

Style: Rock
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Product Format: CD
Content Type: Album
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Extras: Bonus DVD with documentary and six live tracks
Release Date: 2005

Praise and worship from the youth ministry offshoot of the Australian mega-church.

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Posted by Dave Robson at 22:57 on Aug 1 2005

I really enjoyed United's two previous albums 'To The Ends Of The Earth' and 'More Than Life', and I like this one even more. As ever, good mix of more rocky songs and more reflective worship.

Posted by Kirsty in Sheffield, United Kingdom at 10:28 on Sep 5 2005

i luv hillsongs worship team there my favourite. i just want 2 say that when your feeling down listen 2 hillsongs coz u get so blessed and i always feel so encorage by the sorship

Posted by David Belousov in Pennsylvania, U.S. at 19:57 on Sep 11 2005

I LOVE this cd. Hillsong United is just such a blessing and their music is so anointed. Its like rock and roll and the holy spirit mixed. It doesn't get any better than this!

Posted by Kevin in Sydney, Australia at 19:58 on Sep 12 2005

This is a weighty comment, but for me this is probably the best all-round record Hillsong has done in a long time, better than a lot of their past Live Worship recordings. For one, this album ebbs and flows like a real record, not just an LP with individual pieces thrown together. Every song flows well as parts of an entire movement. What's more, the United band are experimenting with different textures with their instruments. A truly God-glorifying masterpiece!

Posted by Katie Moloney in Makakilo, Hawaii at 08:21 on Sep 26 2005

i absolutely LOVE hillsong united and i can't get enough. their songs just touch my heart, truly, and i am so grateful for them. you can just feel...everything, through their music, through God. i love the rock/alternative music, and these songs are perfect for me. this cd is so awesome!

Posted by lauren in wichita, kansas, USA at 20:28 on Oct 22 2005

i absolutately LOVE the CD!! i think it is the best one produced so far!!!

Posted by Xana in England/Surrey at 13:59 on Nov 19 2005

Hillsong is one of the best bands ever! I adore them and would just like to say to everyone... they ROCK!
They really are awesome, get the cd and play it all day long!
When i'm doing my home work and just chilling out with my mates, i always play hillsong!

Posted by michael in stafford/uk at 21:33 on Dec 30 2005

the c.d really ROCKS. i play this every time my friends come to my room and it really touches them. they are an indian family but when i play this i can see god working in my friend. our favorite is "salvation is here". we know all the words and the music is unbelievable just like the rest of the c.d. if you haven't already got the c.d then get it today and let god minister to your life. ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

Posted by Hannah in United Kingdom at 15:19 on Jan 8 2006

I love this album, i've been so blessed just listening. 'Look to you' has to be my favourite song - i play it far too much. These guys are so blessed- God is so alive in their music. Love it!

Posted by trevor in hampshire at 19:40 on Feb 9 2006

hey this cd is truly grate in how its a blend of rock and the soft songs to give people what worship is about just standing there in the gory of god and praising him

Posted by phil in hingham at 21:19 on Mar 15 2006

i think the review here is a bit harsh. sure, the lyrics arent that deep, but god isnt supposed to be someone who have to work at to access. i think what the reviewer seemed to miss here, is that this music really motivates young christians. there have been times after listening to this album when i have really felt like going for it lol. and there are some tracks which arent just energetic rock songs, there are some really beautiful songs. definately worth checking out.

Posted by Tom in Norwich at 07:17 on Jul 23 2006

Ben Liford, does not know what he is talkng aboutr....
These songs are not written to impress you or to make the industry go wow!
They are written for he youth at their church, and simple is good for young people.. SOmething cool for their youth to worship God to... It just so happens that they pressed record and now millions of youth around the world can worship good withouthaving a doctrate...
Ben stop being a critic...

Posted by rhonda in sydney, Australia at 07:20 on Jul 23 2006

Ben... Have you ever been to Australia..
Hillsong United Youth Minsitry has 3,000 young people every week... And there are loads of other great churches all over Australia that have 1,000+ every week...
Yep looks like God is still in Australia, thanks for noticing..

Posted by John in Scotland at 11:05 on Mar 16 2007

I can't believe the way the reviewer has totally pulled this recording and DVD to shreds. As a youth worker, the DVD was nothing but a major encouragement to me. It showed young people worshipping God and I believe that if it can happen in Australia it can happen in my town. On the lyrics front, personally I would rather young people sing lyrics they can understand the first time they enter a church than sing in deep theological truths about being washed in the blood (which I have no problem with, just think it has definate freak out potential for a 12 year old!!!). Please find out the heart and vision of the recording before tearing it to shreds!!!

Posted by Jez at 14:20 on Mar 29 2007

This review really doesnt reflect the truth behind this album, the person who did this review has completely missed the point and it really shows in what has been said, its such a shame that Ben has confused genuine joy found only in Jesus Christ with "youthful energy and pepsi max' Come on Ben get with it mate, some songs need a simple response like 'Look to You', please do your research before making silly comments like that, look at what the guys at United are achieving, do you really think they're looking at another lost generation? Sort it out mate

Posted by Jez at 16:30 on Apr 3 2007

I recently posted a comment, but then i decided to read other comments, posted before mine, lots of people seem to argue back with Ben claiming that simple is good as far as lyrics are concerned. Well that is just a silly as what Ben has said, simple is good sometimes, but not all the time, no matter what age we are we need to make sure we are singing songs that have some good firm biblical truth, but in any case, thats not a problem with this album, there are plenty of songs with good firm biblical truth, but there are also a good mix of simple response songs; as Job said 'You are God in Heaven and i will let my words be few!' It is important to understand that (as Ecclesiastes tells us) there is a time for everything. And in this album there is a briliant mix of everything.

Posted by VANESSA in ST BUEDAUX at 11:20 on May 15 2007


Posted by Pete Wall in England at 13:14 on May 27 2011

Hillsong have come from this early, very good album and proffesionaly produced DVD, to now with the I heart Reveloution, where they have toured earth pretty much, speading the good news and their latest studio album Aftermath. It is a very good album with great tunes and lyrical content!! They obviously have come much further from then, now in 2011 we have seen tons of CD's and DVD's since, the cross rhythms review was obviously very wrong. Hillsong United are in my opinion one of the best worship groups around!!

Pete Wall's rating: 8/10

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