Nigel Bovey - God, the Big Bang and Bunsen Burning Issues

God, the Big Bang and Bunsen Burning Issues by Nigel Bovey

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Genre: Science and Nature
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Product Format: Book
ISBN: 9781850788065
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 196
Publisher: Authentic Lifestyle
Cat. Code: 9781850788065
Release Date: 08 Aug 2008

A collection of exclusive interviews in which 15 eminent scientists talk about their science and their Christian faith.

In this collection of interviews, scientists show how Bible-believing Christianity is compatible with
contemporary scientific thinking. Christians do not have to choose, they say, between big bang and the Bible. Genesis and genetics can go together.
In this book, big questions of the past, the present and the future are asked and answered; the physical impacts and moral implications of climate change are investigated and the intricacies of human DNA and the morality of genetic engineering are unravelled. Physicists, immunologists, astrophysicists, biochemists and mathematicians discuss what it means for humankind to be made in the image of God and how Christians can translate the gospel for our sciencesavvy society.

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Posted by JB at 22:54 on Oct 21 2008

This book is a fantastic read! It offers a great insight into the science and religion debate from some of the world's top scientific brains. It discusses many topical issues within society, such as embryology, genetically modified crops, gene therapy, abortion and the environment. It also discusses topical issues within the Christian faith, such as the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve, evolution, intelligent design (ID), miracles, the Virgin birth and the Resurrection.

It is easy to read, even if you do not have any scientific background. As you read many times you may think to yourself 'wow, I never knew that'. It is a thought provoking and very well written book, so good, I'm reading it again for a second time. It goes to show that you do not have to choose between science and religion, you can believe in both.

JB's rating: 10/10

Posted by Neil in S at 16:22 on Sep 5 2016

Definitely for the more scientifically challenged among us, this book largely speaks in layman terms. Some viewpoints are contrary to what many Christians believe, but there is unanimous belief in a God and His creation from minds far more learned than mine!

Neil's rating: 7/10

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