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Get Your Soul Right: The Gospel Quartets & The Roots Of Soul Music by Various

Cross Rhythms Rating: 10/10
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90 tracks from the Soul Stirrers, the Gospelaires, Spirit Of Memphis and many more.

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  1. 1. Swan Silvertones - Get Your Soul Right
  2. 2. Swan Silvertones - Singing In My Soul
  3. 3. Swan Silvertones - What About You
  4. 4. Swan Silvertones - Move Somewhere
  5. 5. Swan Silvertones - He's Alright With Me
  6. 6. Swan Silvertones - Brighter Day Ahead
  7. 7. Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - Where's There A Will
  8. 8. Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - I'm A Solidier
  9. 9. Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - I've Been Weeping A Mighty Long Time
  10. 10. Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - One Talk With Jesus
  11. 11. Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - Jesus Is A Rock In A Weay Place
  12. 12. Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - There's No Need To Cry
  13. 13. Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - Sit Down And Rest A While
  14. 14. Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - Hills Of Calvery
  15. 15. Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - Working On The Building
  16. 16. Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - Revival
  17. 17. Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - Mother's On The Train
  18. 18. Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - Satisfield With Jesus
  19. 19. Soul Stirrers - Just Another Day
  20. 20. Soul Stirrers - Let Me Go Home
  21. 21. Soul Stirrers - Jesus Gave Me Water
  22. 22. Soul Stirrers - Until Then
  23. 23. Soul Stirrers - When The Gates Swing Open
  24. 24. Soul Stirrers - How Long-
  25. 25. Dixie HummingBirds - Get Church Right
  26. 26. Dixie HummingBirds - Devil Can't Harm A Praying Man
  27. 27. Dixie HummingBirds - Wading Through Blood And Water
  28. 28. Dixie HummingBirds - What Are They Doing In Heaven
  29. 29. Dixie HummingBirds - Eternal Life
  30. 30. Dixie HummingBirds - It Must Have Been The Lord (That Touched Me)
  31. 31. Sensational Nightingales - Does Jesus Care
  32. 32. Sensational Nightingales - Another Year
  33. 33. Sensational Nightingales - Burying Ground
  34. 34. Sensational Nightingales - I Gave My Heart
  35. 35. Sensational Nightingales - A Closer Walk With Thee
  36. 36. Sensational Nightingales - Standing At The Judgement
  37. 37. Sensational Nightingales - Sit Down Children
  38. 38. Sensational Nightingales - It's A Pity
  39. 39. Sensational Nightingales - I'll Be So Glad
  40. 40. Sensational Nightingales - Joy Joy Joy
  41. 41. Sensational Nightingales - God Said He Would
  42. 42. Sensational Nightingales - One More Chance
  43. 43. Spirit Of Memphis Quartet - Every Time I Feel The Spirit
  44. 44. Spirit Of Memphis Quartet - Jesus Jesus
  45. 45. Spirit Of Memphis Quartet - Toll The Bell Easy
  46. 46. Spirit Of Memphis Quartet - The Atomic Telephone
  47. 47. Spirit Of Memphis Quartet - Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
  48. 48. Spirit Of Memphis Quartet - He'll Never Let Me Fall
  49. 49. Highway QC'S- - Somewhere To Lay My Head
  50. 50. Highway QC'S- - I'll Trust His Word
  51. 51. Highway QC'S- - I Dreamed Heaven Was Like This
  52. 52. Highway QC'S- - Pray
  53. 53. Highway QC'S- - Child Of God
  54. 54. Highway QC'S- - I'll Be Satisfied
  55. 55. Clefs Of Calvary - Baptised
  56. 56. Clefs Of Calvary - Father Forgive Them
  57. 57. Clefs Of Calvary - God's Love
  58. 58. Clefs Of Calvary - Going Down To The River
  59. 59. Clefs Of Calvary - Oh Lord Remember Me
  60. 60. Clefs Of Calvary - Wait A While Longer
  61. 61. Pilgrim Travelers- - Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb
  62. 62. Pilgrim Travelers- - Jesus I'm Thankful
  63. 63. Pilgrim Travelers- - Straight Street
  64. 64. Pilgrim Travelers- - I Gave My Heart
  65. 65. Pilgrim Travelers- - Talk About Jesus
  66. 66. Pilgrim Travelers- - Come Home
  67. 67. Davis Sisters - Twelve Gates To The City
  68. 68. Davis Sisters - Sinner Man Where You Gonna Run
  69. 69. Davis Sisters - I Want To Be More Like Jesus
  70. 70. Davis Sisters - When I Get Inside
  71. 71. Davis Sisters - Rain In Jerusalem
  72. 72. Davis Sisters - Jonah
  73. 73. Staple Singers - Don't Drive Me Away
  74. 74. Staple Singers - Downward Road
  75. 75. Staple Singers - Stand By Me
  76. 76. Staple Singers - Ain't That Good News
  77. 77. Staple Singers - Don't Knock
  78. 78. Staple Singers - This May Be The Last Time
  79. 79. Ward Singers - Hold Back The Tears
  80. 80. Ward Singers - Anywhere In Glory
  81. 81. Ward Singers - Farther Up The Road
  82. 82. Ward Singers - We Shall Be Changed
  83. 83. Ward Singers - The Old Landmark
  84. 84. Ward Singers - Jesus
  85. 85. Mahlia Jackson - Walking To Jerusalem
  86. 86. Mahlia Jackson - Didn't It Rain
  87. 87. Mahlia Jackson - Jesus Is With Me
  88. 88. Mahlia Jackson - How I Got Over
  89. 89. Mahlia Jackson - Said He Would (He Calmed The Ocean)
  90. 90. Mahlia Jackson - Walk With Me
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Reviewed by Tony Cummings

Back in the early '60s a bunch of soul music enthusiasts would meet in my bedsit in South London and plan the next issue of a fanzine I edited. One of these fans, Clive Richardson, eventually took over running that fanzine, Shout, and went on to become a well known soul journalist and broadcaster. It is Clive who compiled this 3 CD album which demonstrates in 90 stunning tracks how the gospel music of the '40s, '50s and '60s was the musical foundation stone for the emergent soul music. Indeed, some of the singers heard fronting the quartets here (Sam Cooke, Mavis Staples, Johnnie Taylor, Jackie Verdell, Lou Rawls, etc) were to make the switch to the far more lucrative soul music. But even more significantly the sounds and vocal cadences of gospel's "golden age", be it the octave-leaping pyrotechnics, the silkily sweet falsettos or the harsh guttural screams, were to become the dominant vocal styles of rhythm and blues as church-based singers dominated the sales charts. Clive has done a magnificent job in cherry picking many of gospel's greatest musical moments. There are gems aplenty here, the Rev Claude Jeter - the brilliant lead of the Swan Silvertones - shows on "Singing In My Soul" how he was able to soar to the Heavens like the master he was; the Soul Stirrers with Sam Cooke reminding us that "Jesus Gave Me Water" (but it was not from the well); the Gospelaires where Robert Washington roars passionately about a power that will "move the sick and wake the dead"; the "sombre but imploring" (to use words of Richardson's sleevenote) "Jesus Jesus" by the sublime Spirit Of Memphis; "Sinner Man" by the Davis Sisters where Jackie Verdell provides a powerful foil to the powerhouse Ruth Davis; that master of soulful melodrama Rev Julius Cheeks and his fellow Sensational Nightingales on the dirge-slow "Does Jesus Care" are all timeless classics. But the absolute pride-of-place on the set has to be "Revival Time" by The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama. Its sheer hollering, screaming, testifying frenzy will no doubt come as a bit of a shock to those used to seeing the sedate elderly gentlemen on today's festival circuit. Back in 1961 when this was cut they were the quintessential "hard" quartet. It and another five tracks by the Boys were originally on the 'Revival Time' album, possibly the first gospel quartet album ever released in the UK. Judging from the reproduction on the sleeve of the label of the UK Realm release compiler Clive Richardson still treasures his copy. You could quibble that the six tracks by gospel matriarch Mahalia Jackson are a little out of place here which is, after all, a showcase for gospel groups. Their inclusion seems particularly unnecessary considering how Mahalia's Apollo recordings have found their way onto CD literally dozens of times previously. And on that subject, anyone whose collection already boasts some vintage gospel compilations is likely to have some of these tracks on other albums. But such quibbles are offset by the appearance of six tracks from the rare Tru-Sound album 'Baptized!' by The Clefs Of Calvary led by James Phelps, most of which have never made it to CD before. All in all, this is a hugely successful demonstration of how the African American church provided the vocal talent which was to see the rise of soul music. Christians have long looked upon this transition with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it must be admitted that the secularization of gospel provided the world with reams of magnificent music. But as history now shows, the temptations and materialism of the music industry led to many gospel artists abandoning their faith. Take for instance James Phelps. Despite his soulful, Sam Cooke-styled vocals his Clefs Of Calvary never enjoyed the success of most of the quartets here. So his move to secular R&B undoubtedly seemed like a wise move. But it was sadly ironic that the one R&B success he did enjoy was 1965's "Love Is A Five Letter Word". The lyric of Phelps' cynical hit declared that that five letter word was M-O-N-E-Y. One can but hope that before he died in 2010 Phelps came to reflect again on another five letter word, J-E-S-U-S.

Style: Gospel
Cross Rhythms Product Code: 137027
Product Format: CD
Content Type: Album
Cat. Code: Fantastic Voyage FVTD155
Items: 3
Release Date: 2013

90 tracks from the Soul Stirrers, the Gospelaires, Spirit Of Memphis and many more.

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