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Betcha Didn't Know by Heather And Kirsten

Cross Rhythms Rating: 6/10
CD: Album
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  1. 1. Move
  2. 2. Evidence
  3. 3. Faith Hope Love Dance
  4. 4. Shock 2 U
  5. 5. So What
  6. 6. Some Sweet Boy
  7. 7. Pourin' Rain
  8. 8. The Other Side
  9. 9. Betcha Don't Know
  10. 10. If I Were To Say
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Reviewed by Tony Cummings

Imagine if you can a couple of California lasses with voices a little in the Leslie Phillips-mold. Give them some hard but not too-hard dance rhythms. Add in a touch of hip hop. And what you have is an engaging pop-soul-dance-gospel hybrid which though never too original has a nice rounded feel to it thanks to the production and programming work of producer, blue-eyed soul man Roby Duke. The change-of-pace ballads are good too. Are Heather and Kirsten Ostrom going to be gospel's next big thing and spearhead the Christian church's long overdue entrance into the world of dance? Is Maranatha's intriguing youth-culture dance label Arcade going to get the support it deserves? You pays your money, you takes your CD...

Style: Pop
Cross Rhythms Product Code: 2733
Product Format: CD
Content Type: Album
Cat. Code: Arcade CD08717
Items: 1
Release Date: 1990
Posted by Leona in Columbus,Ohio at 18:01 on Oct 30 2006

What are Heather & Kirstin up to these days?are they're touring?

Posted by Jennifer Keighin in Rockford, Illinois at 19:26 on Dec 6 2006

I had your betcha didn't know cassette tape around the age of 13-15, since that time I have tried to purchase the album again, but everyone said it was out of production. This album meant alot to me as a teenager, and to this day ( I am now 31 years old) I would love nothing more than to have this album, please contact me is this is at all possible.

Posted by Ken in Acworth at 01:20 on Jan 25 2007

I got the CD when I was in college (I'm now 35) when I worked in radio and DJd. Today I'm a dad with a 6 year old girl who listens to the CD over and over again and plays it with her friends. They think ya'll are the best ever!

Thank you Heather and Kirsten. I just wish you could have done more!

Posted by Peter in Fresno Cali at 06:30 on May 24 2007

Hey, I saw you guys in concert at Great America DC talk was there and so were a bunch of other bands. You ladies were awesome. I totally loved the album. Pouring Rain was my fave!

Posted by Keith A. Richards in Erie, Colorado at 16:57 on Aug 31 2007

Heather and Kirsten,
What can I say I still listen to your album. It's a tape and I wish I could get it on CD. I am kind of surprised it still plays. Don't think I have listened to one single album as much as that one. I can sing every note with you girls. Leave it to me a 39 year old man to always find the soulful girl divas who sing about God... you can have fun and be serious at the same time... my life in a nutshell. I met you girls back in 91 in KC. Hope to hear something from you soon!

Posted by melody in seattle at 23:23 on Sep 12 2007

Wow, I can't wait to check out their new stuff. I also had the cassette tape (and maybe still do), and enjoyed their concert when they performed with DC Talk and I think Newsboys?? A bunch of my friends took a picture with them, and I even got a letter from one of them when I wrote them. :) Oh, the good ol' days of being a teenage fan!

Posted by Lynn in Las Vegas at 08:58 on Sep 15 2007

I too bought the tape as a little girl and played it SO much! My cousin and I would pretend we were Heather and Kirsten and sing our hearts out! To this day I know all of the words from the album! It is still my favorite- it spoke volumes to me as a young Christian and I wish I had it to listen to today(I'm 27 now). If copies are ever sold again or if a cd becomes available I will be first in line to get it! Thank you and God bless you always :)

Posted by kit in lake forest, ca at 20:23 on Sep 15 2007

i bought an Arcade Sampler for my 11 yr. old daughter 13 years ago. Wish we had bought the album.. she and i took a road trip right after that and we listened to that tape the whole way. kirsten and heather were her favorites. Just recently i found the tape tucked away and was about to throw it out thinking it didn't work anymore but decided to try it and it still plays perfectly.. wish i had the album.. the katina boys too.. good to hear that there might be some new stuff out..God bless you all!

Posted by Jeremy Shorter in Gravette, AR at 03:16 on Oct 8 2007

I managed to find two copies of the cd in a little bookstore in Tulsa OK just down the street from the huge warehouse building during a Church of Christ Workshop where my friend is a member (I'm non-D / FG if it matters) and my friend (we were then 26) loved your music, too. I picked up both cd's for like, $3 a piece. It was a find, to be sure, and we were both very happy. We're both 31 now, and we love this music still. I had the opportunity to buy them when they came out on cd back in the early 90s, but I was too young and didn't have a job, so I didn't have money. Needless to say, we were both ecstatic. I can't say enough good things about the cd. Before anyone asks, I'm not willing to part with it... :) However, I suppose if Heather and Kirsten, or the record company, could give me permission, I could burn them for everyone who wants them... I just don't know how to get a permit...but I do have access to the printing stuff if I could get permits... I'd have to charge for the printing stuff, though. :( Anywho.

Posted by Sylvia in sylmar, California at 22:19 on Nov 5 2007

you can now get this c.d. on itunes. It's great!

Posted by Jeff W. Lancaster in Warsaw, IN at 00:17 on Feb 9 2008

Hey All,

Your comments are totally awesome!!! It is such a blessing to see some of these comments and how H & K touched you in some way. It seemed like I was the only one around me that liked these sweet girls (only because I grew up in an area where Christian music wasn't prominent) but I see the many, many lives that were touched by them. Like you, Ken, I got the album when I was in college (I'm 35 too). H & K also sang on "Khool Yule" a Christmas CD (still listen to it) and also "Khool Praize" (I think that's the name of it. Again.....totally, totally awesome). And ya' know, even though it was all several years ago, it's like it's not out of style.

Oh, I spoke w/ their mother over the phone back in the late 90's (1998 or so) when I moved to IN. I left her a msg on her answering machine and she totally called me back!!!!! We talked for about 15 min. or so. I was just coming in the house from work when the phone rang and I answered it. I wanted to see what the girls were up to at that time and she mentioned that they were in their own band now called "Deep Mosey" similar to "Jars Of Clay". I had wanted to know if they wanted to start a trio.....NO JOKE!!! Anyway, Carolee prayed for me and my music awesome was that. She also has some of her own stuff out, too. Check them all out. You can find them on the web. What an awesome, awesome group of ladies.

Be Blessed,
Jeff W. Lancaster

Posted by kate in new york at 03:12 on Mar 29 2008

Does anyone know where i can find lyrics to the Betcha Didn't Know album?

Posted by Hilliard Davis II in Hillside, NJ at 15:59 on Apr 15 2008

Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat! I've been collecting, and enjoying all types of Christian Music for ALLLLL my life. I've wanted this CD since it came out! I had the tape, loved it, my family listened to it along with countless other artists! Seeing this on iTunes!?!?!? Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! I've always wondered what happened to you ladies... i'll be following your careers and praying that the Lord blesses you as you've blessed my life, my friends lives and anyone else who listened as i passed by... 'riding with my top down, listn'ing to that Jesus Musik'

Posted by branden peasner in tacoma at 23:53 on May 12 2008

hey i went to school with heather and kirsten @bonneylake elementary.I always wondered if you guys did somethig with music.i heard you guys on the radio once.I remember the talent show when kirsten and melissa holland sang.anyways good luck to you both.Branden peasner

Posted by sarah in beijing, china at 06:54 on Oct 16 2008

I was on youtube and decided to start looking for old Christian artists I used to listen to like Jennifer Knapp and then I started thinking further back and found Out of Eden and then, I thought, I wonder if Heather and Kirsten are still making music. I bet I can still sing along to those songs. My sister is 5 years older and we used to sing along and pretend we were you two. :) We were in Tianjin, China and only had a couple of tapes and we loved you girls! In the Pouring Rain was my favorite! Brings me back. I am 27 now and my sister, Krista Vossler, is 32 and a singer/songwriter in Austin.

Posted by Gina in Calif at 06:32 on Nov 25 2008

I loved the song Betcha Didn't know. I am trying to track down a cd, hopefully for christmas. I used to hear Heather and kirsten all the time on the radio.

Posted by Janna Ryan in North Platte, NE at 22:06 on Jan 21 2009

I just ordered a cd off eBay and I'm so excited - I had the tape years and years ago and played it so much I literally wore it out! Now I teach Christian Dance and only use Christian music so I think my students will be hearing some Heather and Kirsten in the near future!!!

Posted by michelle d. in byron ga at 02:58 on Aug 31 2009

i got the arcade sampler at family christian store in woodland hills mall in tulsa ok. back in like 91 i was like 14 15. i thought the sampler was cool so then i got the betcha didnt know cassette. Man i played that thing so much i can sing the songs still to this day. Anyways i tried to look up info on heather and kirstn online. i finally after digging around i found both of them on myspace. Anyways i had to really shop online to get the betcha didnt know cd. i finally was able to get it on ebay. The cds are out there u just gotta look. Ebay, and to name a few places. also

Posted by troy young in new york at 07:16 on Sep 1 2009

hello there I just want to thank these two girls when I was a teenager they play in spokane washington and actually gave me there number i remembering talking with them both!I am now a professional musician living out of new york..These two wonderful,extremely talented girls inspired me never to give up,there music completly let my fire and drive to never give up....thanks Heather and Kristin...hope all is well

All the best,
Troy Young

Posted by l.h. in oh at 16:41 on Nov 8 2010

I've been looking for this cd for AGES, my sister and i used to love these girls, I'm a grown woman with children and I still have to break out in a random Heather and Kirsten song on occasion.

Posted by YesIHaveAName in Tacoma at 00:38 on Feb 12 2011

I'm seizing this opportunity to highlight Kirsten's new project, Elk & Boar:
...they'll gearing up to play SXSW this year ;-)

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