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And Now Let's Move Into A Time Of Nonsense by Nick Page

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Humourous but hard-hitting look at the banal nature of contemporary worship songs.

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Reviewed by Mike Rimmer

Rumour has it that the original draft of this book was rejected by the publisher because of the potential for legal entanglements as the author named and shamed certain worship leaders. Now cleaned up but still zealous, Nick Page has pappy worship songs in his sights and is gunning for change. He critiques the sadly superficial nature of a great deal of modern worship and his weapons are satire, humour, pastiche and a startling honesty. Although you'll laugh out loud along the way, Page has plenty of serious points to make as he examines the history of worship, the language that we use and the influence of the pop culture on the Church's music. There are a few sacred cows that are shot along the way and Page demonstrates that he has the insight of a prophet as he nails the current issues for what they are with an unflinching accuracy. If you have any interest in worship you'll laugh and cringe and possibly cry as Page nails things. Worship songwriters should be forced to read a chapter or two of this every time they think about writing a new song. If ever there was a book that was essential reading, this is it!

Genre: Music Related
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Product Format: Book
ISBN: 9781850785842
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 144
Publisher: Authentic Media
Content Type: Teaching Resource
Cat. Code: Authentic 9781850785842
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Release Date: 17 Sep 2004

Humourous but hard-hitting look at the banal nature of contemporary worship songs.

An examination of the lyrics of worship songs, how they could and should be better, in Nick Page's trademark humorous style.

Have you ever felt frustrated with the words of the worship songs that we sing? Why are they so forgettable? Why are they filled with such weird language? Where have all the writers gone?

Combining humour with strong argument, Nick Page analyses how worship song writers have bought into a disposable, 'pop-song' model; how they have filled their songs with a kind of semi-Biblical code and how songs suffer from poor technique and a lack of specialist lyric writers. Above all it encourages writers to really think about the words of their songs and whether they really communicate truth about God - truth which should lead to worship.

Passionate, controversial and laugh-out-loud funny, this is essential reading for Christians today.

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