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A Greater Love by Mary McKee & The Genesis

12 inch vinyl: Album
Tags: Country, Album, 12 inch vinyl
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Style: Country
Cross Rhythms Product Code: 29389
Product Format: 12 inch vinyl
Content Type: Album
Cat. Code: Pilgrim 445
Items: 1
Release Date: 06 Jul 2001
For more information about Mary McKee & The Genesis , check the Mary McKee & The Genesis Artist Profile on the main Cross Rhythms website for news stories, feature articles, interviews and much more. (Link opens in new window)
Posted by FRANK JAJA in PORT HARCOURT - NIGERIA at 16:20 on Aug 25 2008


Posted by EJIKEME EZEALA in UNITED STATES at 05:13 on Oct 20 2008

Please can somebody tell me where to buy MARY MACKEE & THE GENESIS ALBUMS?



Posted by BENGA NTAMACK L.M. in YAOUNDE, CAMEROON, AFRICA at 13:32 on Oct 23 2008

Peese, can you help me to have copies of each song of your PILGRIM 445 title MARY McKee & the GENESIS - A GREATER LOVE ?
Their song beefs up my spiritual life and all my prayer is to understand very weel those song's words.
Be bless more and more .
Tell me how am I have others albums from your group,

Posted by Uzosike Chukwumdike in new york at 18:56 on Nov 8 2008

If you know how the songs of Mary McKee & the Genesis positively impacted the spiritual lives of many Africans, then you'll understand why we can't take "this product is currently not available" for an answer. Please by all means find it, in Jesus name Amen

Posted by Fayomi 'Seun in Nigeria at 02:04 on Jan 22 2009

Please there is one album not mentioned here "Mary mckee & the genesis in Nashville" It has tracks like Heavensong, He was there all the time, Bounless love, Come to the saviour, Shine thro' me, Step across the line, I'll fly away tonight and a coupla other tracks. I have d old scratched-surface record plate version. But I need d CD or DVD plate copy. Any help?

Posted by Tinuola Oladi[po in Nigeria at 09:55 on Feb 5 2009

i need to hear her just a little kindness song

Posted by hele udoewah in nigeria at 18:16 on Apr 27 2009

I love the songs of mary and i can't understand why there is no work or site for her on the net.

please educate me if am wrong i am told she is blind

Posted by EJIKEME EZEALA in US at 14:10 on May 8 2009

During my days at Challenge Bookshops- a Christian Bookstore owned by ECWA organization in Nigeria , Mary Mckee & the Genesis Albums use to be master piece albums sold at every 36 branches of the bookstore.

I was in Nigeria last October, 2008. I searched for this elusive album in 'all' the stores and market places without success.

I have ravaged 'all' the christian bookstores here in South Florida, US looking for the soul and spirit filled albums, without success as well.

We cannot let the work of this Irish woman, Mary Mckee to die. Jim Reeves is late, but his albums are still in the market. Why not Mary?

Come on, CROSSRHTHM, do something. Let have her albums back, please. Let's preserve her legacy.

I am saddned right now to hear that my Mary is blind. What a world full of misfortunes!

Well, sister Mary, the Lord knows your works and has recorded it for you. BE OF GOOD CHEER!

Posted by udeme rufus in nigeria at 02:48 on May 17 2009

can someone tell me, where is mary mckee? what is she doing now? is she still alive? she can't let those lovely songs go out of circulation just like that. I grew up singing those hymns and they so gently touch the very depths of my soul. Can someone tell me where to find her works in Port Harcourt or its environs.

Posted by Epie Ntoko Collins in Cameroon. Africa. at 20:21 on May 19 2009

Is there any gospel music that is more pleasing to the soul that than 'A greater love' from the Genesis? If so ,then let me know.but I have doubts.

Posted by austin obiyo in london at 14:32 on Jun 9 2009

Its suprising we cant find thess children of God called mary mckee and the genesis that blessed us in the 80s, for me that was my begining with God, some of the albums were produced by pilgrim records but where are they now, help anythingabout them will do thanks.

Posted by Godson in london at 11:07 on Feb 2 2010

people of God can antbody tell me where to find mary mckee and the genesis album..i cant stop thinking of them their songs are touching eachtime i remember it i cry.. i cant stop crying eachtime i listen to their songs please can anyone help...

Posted by david nathan in ghana at 22:27 on Feb 23 2010

where have you hidden your albums,mary?
release them

Posted by ody in Lagos, nigeria at 10:14 on Feb 22 2011

i have that very cd of shine thru me, boundless love, come to the saviour... I cane across mary mckee songs for the first time totally be accident and i now knoew that i was ordained of God. her songs are truly a ablessing to its hearers. Wonderful, heaven bound, its truly spiritual, wat every true christain needs unlike the nonsence we have now in the name of gospel songs.d cds i ve of mary was produced by peculiar music, something like that. try to google them or something. God bless you Mary Mckee and the Genesis. I truly know that Heaven holds all the secrets taht time will never tell, just like ur blindness. God bless you all!

Posted by Gladys in Lagos at 19:25 on Mar 13 2011

i love mary mckee and the genesis, i grew up listening to them and it has help to shape my spiritual life. the other day i was on the road and suddenly '' cast your cares'' was played ,i just stood transfixed and looked for the shop the song was coming from. i bought all her collections.listening to mary in my growing has helped formed the kind of songs i love . solemn. those were true ministers. may God bless them

Posted by J.K. Easeborn in Port Harcourt at 15:00 on Jul 27 2011

I love her so much, my heart goes to her. She will be one of those i will look out for when i get to Heaven

Posted by Edith in Accra, Ghana at 18:00 on Jan 7 2012

Mary remains that woman that makes me fall in love with God and have a vivid picture of heaven whenever I listen to her song. I was apportuned to get some reprint cds of her in Aba Nigeria after years of search. Those two cds are my treasures. Ithank God I will see her in heaven if I can't on earth.

Posted by John in Albany, New York at 19:58 on May 8 2012

I used to wake up in the morning with Mary Mckee & the Genesis playing in the background. It was a blessing then and it is now. I have been searching for the CDs but no where to be found. "try a little kindness" is a classic..

Posted by Belin Tazan in Cameroon Africa at 10:31 on Jun 28 2012

the songs of the album a greater love still touch my soul and that of my sisters father bought it in the late 1990's by then i never knew Christ but i loved the songs.but now that i know Him,i believe this album was Holy spirit inspired cause the message is still as powerful as ever.but i can seem to find their cd; can anyone help

Posted by Grace umanu in Warri,Nigeria. at 19:18 on Jul 28 2012

Mary mckee is a great singer and her songs has really inspired me.cant seem to get her album though.and God bless my dad for makin me hear her songs,he always has her playing in his car stereo.

Posted by Afubera grace in kano nigeria at 08:05 on Mar 11 2013

Even though one cant hear the mary mckey and tha Genesis bt their songs still sings on in different hearts this is an a real example of a xtian song that comes by inspiration nt wat we have now that depicts fashion that doesnt reach out to hungry hearts i just wish xtian artists can emulate this and nt turn things upside down.

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