Video, DVD and DualDisc Products

DualDiscs are a combined CD/DVD product with CD audio on one side and DVD audio and/or video on the other side. The content of the DVD side varies according to individual products and may not necessarily be exactly the same material as the CD side.

The DVD side of a DualDisc conforms to standard DVD specifications and should play in all DVD players without any problems. However, the CD side uses a non-standard specification and may not play in some CD players, particularly older machines and in-car audio.

DualDiscs may not be returned or exchanged solely because they will not play in your CD player. Once the packaging has been unsealed, audio/video products may only be returned for refund/replacement if faulty. We will not issue a refund if you return a DualDisc and it plays on our test equipment without any problems.

Unless otherwise stated, all DVDs are Region 2 (UK/Europe) playback only, and all videos are PAL VHS. If you are ordering DVD or video products from outside the UK and Europe, please ensure that you have compatible equipment before placing your order. We can not replace or refund a video/DVD product simply because it will not play on non-UK equipment.

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