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There are two main ways to find the products you want on Cross Rhythms Direct: Browsing for them through the product lists or searching for them with the search box.


If you know what you're looking for, then the search box is the quickest route to the right item. You can search for products using either of these methods:

  • Keyword/phrase. If you put a single word, or a phrase, into the search box then the site will show you any that match. For example, searching for "Tim" will return albums by Tim Hughes as well as books by Tim LaHaye, but if you put "Tim Hughes" into the box then you'll just get albums and books by Tim Hughes. If the keyword or phrase matches titles then these will also be shown - so, for example, a search for "Green" will return albums by Keith Green as well as the "WOW Green" album.
  • Product code/catalogue code. If you know the exact product code for an item, then putting it into the search box will take you straight to the right page. This will work for Cross Rhythms product codes, record label catalogue codes and (for books only) ISBNs. Product codes and ISBNs must be entered without any spacing or punctuation.

In the left hand column of the website, you'll also see a "Popular Searches" section which shows what other people are currently searching for. Clicking on any link in this section is the same as typing it into the search box, so it saves you time!


If you prefer to browse through the products available, then there are a number of ways to find what you want. Clicking on any of the tabs at the top takes you to the front page of that section, and on all the sections except the Welcome tab there are sub-tabs below the main tabs taking you to the most popular lists of products.


On all the browse and search pages there is a section at the top allowing you to customise your requirements. Each link in "Refine your selection" allows you to narrow down the list of products by applying more criteria - for example, after a search for "Green" returns four pages of products, you can narrow it down to two pages of CDs by clicking on the "CD" link and then down to just one album by clicking on the "Rock" genre link. And, at any time, you can choose how the results are ordered by clicking on one of the Sort links.

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